Our promises to you.

We make a promise to each and every customer, and you're no exception.

The suits will fit. Properly.

We measure each and every one of your wedding party, and make sure they try on the whole outfit. We tailor each outfit to the person wearing them, so that means we alter the garments as necessary. Sleeve lengths and leg lengths are all altered to get the perfect fit. Formal wear differs slightly to our normal clothes, and we'll make sure your guys know how to look just the part for your big day. 

You'll get what you asked for.

Whatever you book is what you will get. If you need 8 waistcoats, and we only have 5 in stock, that's down to us to order it in, and we won't pass the cost on to you either. There will be no colour tolerance between items, everything will match, just as it should.

They will be ready in time.

Your suits will be ready for collection at least 2 days before the wedding. Everything will be labelled up, so you know who's is who's suit, and it'll all be pressed up, with the cuff-links in the shirts ready to go. Absolutely nothing to iron. Anything you've asked for extra, like braces will also be added into the appropriate bags.

We'll advise you... not tell you.

When you come and see us, you may already have an idea of what you like and don't like. We'll show you what you like, and we can offer advice of what other styles and options you may like, but the choice on what to wear is completely up to you. It's your special day, and there's nothing worse than someone telling you what you should, or shouldn't do. As we're tailors, we will make sure the outfits you choose fit as formal clothes should.